Accuracy Modifications

Fit match barrel, bushing, link and pin
Tighten slide to frame (.005″ or less clearance)
Solid guide rod

Reliability Modifications

Polish and tune extractor
Throat, ramp and polish barrel
Install extended ejector
Fit and blend magazine well
Lower and flare ejection port

Officer’s Accuracy Modifications

Fit King’s guide rod/heavy duty bushing system
Fit King’s, Wilson or Ed Brown HD bushing
Fit Wilson or Springfield guide rod kit

Performance Modifications

Trigger job: Furnish, install and fit match trigger, balance associated springs, modify hammer hooks and nose for a clean, crisp match trigger pull (Approx. 4 lbs. for carry). Lighter pull available on request.

Custom Fitting

Ed Brown Bobtail mainspring housing
Match trigger/fire control components
Extended thumb safety (Std. or Ambi)
Extended slide release
Beaver-tail grip safety (All brands)
Cut for reverse plug
Slim grips with bushing replacement

Complete 1911 Custom Build

You and I select the parts and I build you a custom 1911 from the ground up. I can also turn your old 1911 into a full custom pistol.

Sight Installations

Front dovetail cuts (all brands)
Rear dovetail cuts (Novak Std./Lo-Mount, Bomar)
Tritium inserts in your sights (sent out)

Custom Checkering

Front strap: Govt., Comm., Officer’s, Para Wide
Trigger guard (front and/or bottom)
Rear of slide (incl. extractor), hammer
Available in 20, 25, 30 or 20×30 Lines per inch
Custom checker other areas on request

Carry Bevel/Meltdown

Includes removing all sharp edges and blending all parts for a overall smooth feel for daily carry and comfort. This is NOT a severe melt job.

Functional Inspection

Completely disassemble, clean and carefully inspect all parts; lubricate and reassemble. Recommend any replacements parts and/or repairs if necessary. Basic cleaning services are also available.


IonBond Tungsten DLC / Melonite / Tenifer
Bluing (Matte, brushed or polished)
Hard chrome (Matte, brushed or polished)
Black Teflon
Bead blasting
Wilson Armor-Tuff
M&R Diamondcote
Anodizing in black, clear & colors (Alloy frames only)
*Prep work for refinishing done in house. All refinishing completed by outside vendors.