The Accurizer offers custom gunsmith services for 1911-style pistols ranging from basic carry reliability packages, to full conversions with all the bells and whistles. Regardless of your goal, The Accurizer will work with you to produce the exact pistol you need to achieve it. Every gun produced by The Accurizer is personally crafted by Marianne Carniak, a second-generation 1911-smith, using the best available components and the careful, precise hand fitting that has earned The Accurizer a growing list of loyal customers among knowledgeable 1911 owners.

Carniak Custom offers various services for 1911 pistols. Generally, 1911 owners want their pistols to be modified for a specific purpose. The three most common categories for custom 1911 pistols are; concealed carry, pin guns and full blown competition or “race guns”. In addition to creating full custom 1911s, Carniak Custom offers parts upgrades, basic maintenance services and refinishing. A list of some of the services available are listed on the services page.

Concealed Carry

The Accurizer has been building serious carry guns since day one. We know how to make a 1911 reliable and safe for daily carry, regardless of the platform chosen. Our guns are in daily service with law enforcement officers and concealed carry permit holders around the country. If a 1911 is your choice for daily carry, give us a call to discuss your custom requirements.

Pin Guns

Pin guns from The Accurizer were a staple at the classic Second Chance shoots, and they are still winning matches around the country. As pin shooters and gunsmiths, we have a special affinity for these specialized competitive tools and we know what it takes to put together a winner. If you are shooting pins with a 1911, or would like to be, give us a call to discuss your custom requirements.

Race Guns

Building a fast, reliable, all-out race gun is one of the most challenging gunsmith jobs around today. The Accurizer has the experience and know-how to handle virtually any race gun project you may have in mind. We can create and deliver a truly custom product that will do everything you need to win. If you are looking for something built exactly to your specifications, by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, give us a call to discuss your custom requirements.